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Rupert Cobb

String quartet arrangements for Rupert Cobb

"Thanks for a stunning job….."

Rupert and I go back a long way, cutting our teeth aged 16 recording with our  band at ICC studios,  Eastbourne

He is a prolific producer, and when I heard a demo of a beautiful guitar and vocal ballad by one on his artists-in-production I was so taken by it I offered to write a string arrangement. The result is the song you're hearing in the video  by talented Welsh singer songwriter Grace Ashton.

I went on to write another arrangement on her album, which we tracked at Air Studios (quartet: vln, vla, cel, bass) as well as playing piano on the sessions at Abbey Road. Visit Rupert's excellent website here

Javed Riaz

Arrangements for string orcherstra with Javed Riaz

"It was a great experience working with you. Completely love your work….."

Javed is an a gifted Indian composer who works in the Tamil movie industry. His first film, Maanagaram took $800,000 in it's first 10 days after release 

Javed approached me to orchestrate his latest film, Yaar Ivargal, which we tracked at CZTV studios, Prague using the FilmHarmonic Orchestra (21-piece section)

Denquar Chupak

String arrangement for Denquar Chupak

"It's literally perfect. I don't even know what to say!!….."

Accomplished vocalist and songwriter Denquar was born in Hong Kong to a Thai father and a British mother. Her beautiful, distictive voice has made her a much sought after artist.

She wrote this stunning ballad originally as an EDM track but saw further potential, re-recording it at a slower tempo with just piano & vocal. Denquar approached me to sprinkle some strings magic on it. We recorded at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with the Scottish Session Orchestra (15-piece section)

Here's the download link

Alison Wonderland

String arranging for quartet with Alison Wonderland

"I wish you knew how much I've literally dreamt this moment..."

The amazing Alison Wonderland (Alex) is an Australian EDM producer, DJ and singer (as well as a cellist!) who's recent album 'Awake' debuted at No.1 on Billboard's 'Top Dance/ Electronica Albums'

Through Donovan Hepburn at Twenty dB Music I was commissioned to arrange strings for her forthcoming epic show 'Temple Of Wonderland' at Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Denver featuring live stings (quartet, tracked in LA) and drums

Thanks to...

The legendary Jeff Lynne's ELO, a huge inspiration, with whom I've recently been touring, recreating those epic string arrangements.

Also the mighty Jeff Wayne and his War Of The Worlds

I played  synths on several of the arena tours, and took much influence from those soaring string lines and lush chords

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